Our History

When Vijay Kumar Shah (Chairman, JGI) returned to Nepal in 1969 after finishing his studies and gaining work experience in the USA, the traditional method of making alcohol was still prevalent in the family business thriving under the leadership of his forefathers. Mr. Shah dreamt of bringing a modern plant to Nepal and passionately worked towards it until Jawalakhel Distillery began production in 1973.

His wife Maggie Shah became instrumental in making business decisions that led the company to greater heights. It was a sharp upward incline for flagship brand Ruslan vodka, after which in 1999 their son Raj B. Shah (MD, JGI) stepped in and introduced Royal Stag Deluxe Whisky to Nepal in collaboration with Pernod Ricard. Royal Stag went on to be the leading domestic whisky for over a decade.

The company expanded to produce a gamut of alcoholic beverages in various categories which propelled it to become the leader in the Nepalese liquor industry. Currently a 6th generation family business, JGI has come a long way, from small-scale pot-still distillation to mass-production 13-column distillation. All thanks to great vision complemented by business experts and modern technology.

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