Welcome to the web home of Jawalakhel Group of Industries. My forefathers who started a small family business of alcohol made using the pot-still distillation (manual) method would be astonished to see how expansive and versatile the company has gotten, not to mention the excellent technology that facilitates the manufacturing of our bevy of products. What started as a humble private company I intuitively christened Jawalakhel Distillery back in 1973, has transformed into a leading giant in the Nepalese liquor business, all thanks to decades of hard work put in by many faithful members of the Jawalakhel Distillery family.

I cannot possibly take all credit for what we have achieved as a business, and the standards we have tried to set for the alcoholic beverage industry nationwide. I write this note is on behalf of the people behind JGI, who have dedicated years to perfecting our stance, and delivered quality through every step of our journey so far.

From a distillery that manufactured, bottled and distributed Ruslan Vodka, which is now Nepal's #1 brand in the vodka category, we have expanded our horizons and gotten into the production of all kinds of alcohol: namely, vodka, whisky, gin, rum (now discontinued), beer (coming soon in 2017) and even Aila, a traditional Newari beverage that had never been branded and bottled for formal retail purchase until we dared to do so.

The important thing to never forget, especially when a small-scale family business turns into a big business player, is one’s roots. We are a 6th generation family business, and we do not count on our surname for success. When I returned to Nepal in 1969 from studying and working in the USA, I dreamt of building a modern plant, like the ones I had seen in factories in the States. Recognising the need to keep up with technology and upgrade our processes was a huge step increasing scales of production and entering the market with a bang.

Back in the seventies, our products spoke for themselves. Marketing and branding didn’t play such a huge role in a product’s lifeline. In today’s cluttered and competitive market, we also have to focus on building an efficient distribution network and gaining market visibility, besides perfecting our products in the lab. A good business is one which evolves with time, to keep up with society and audiences. And we’ve always strived to not only keep up, but foresee where the industry is headed.

Today, the Managing Director of this company, my son Raj B. Shah, is the one spearheading this company towards new directions: a thought which excites me because I was once in a similar position – and I took risks, which paid off. The idea is to never rest on our laurels, even if the odds are in our favour. A sharp business mind is always on what’s next. A passionate blender or brewer, on the other hand, is a dreamer with an obsession for precision and delight in every flavour formulated. Together, the right business people and talented lab experts make magic. And I believe JGI is where that magic happens…

With best wishes,
Vijay K. Shah
Jawalakhel Group of Industries

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